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160 Stationery Labels - Super Hero
  • Pencil Wrap Clear Laminate to encapsulate the printing and protect it for the lifetime of the stationery item. Best Applied to pens and pencils

R 52,63
R 50,00
160 Stationery Labels-Size 39 x 8mm. Super Hero + Blue
Labels are perfect for use on stationery and general household items like CD's, books etc.


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160 Stationery Labels - Fairy
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40 Iron-on Clothing Labels. Size 14 x 35mm. Black print. Monster Icon. Printed on a quality heat transfer material. Easy to apply in 4 simple steps.
R 87,72 R 90,00


Value Pack Label Kit
186 Labels!
Incredible value for money

Each kit includes:
* 20 Iron-on Clothing Labels (Mini size)
* 20 Dishwasher Safe Labels
* 65 Stationery Labels
* 8 Shoe Labels
* 13 Large Name Labels
* 60 Micro Labels

Available with a border in
black, red, green, yellow, pink, no border.
The labels are printed on the highest quality vinyls & materials. 
R 104,35 R 113,04


Book Label size 58 x 30mm,fits 24 per page-Harry Potter - Red .Write onto the labels with a fine tipped permanent marker.
R 52,63 R 48,00