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88 Zulu stickers
SKU: Z0019
R50,00 incl tax
88 Zulu stickers, Min'emnandi kuwe! Translation- Happy birthday! Size 24mm diam. Sold in A4 sheets

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Monster Stickers, Not yet keep trying! 140 stickers per sheet
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88 x Growth Mindset stickers-Wannabe Unicorn creatures. Mistakes help you learn. You are a problem solver. 88 stickers per A4 sheet. Sticker size 23mm diam.
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1176 x Stickers Bundle -SAVE 32%
The pack consists of 7 sheets of AFRIKAANS stickers (A4 pages) : 
408 x (E0001)    Econony/Mini stickers- Mixed sheet of stickers-
140 x (S0002A) Happy Face stickers -18mm diam round
140 x (S0068)    Star stickers -18mm diam round
140 x (S0108)    Cute men and miss stickers -18mm diam round
88   x (S0153)     Teddy Bear stickers -23 x 23mm square stickers
120 x (S0187)     Little Yellow men stickers -17 x 21mm rect. stickers
140 x (S0283)     Flamingo and Pineapple stickers -18mm diam round
R250,00 incl tax