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34 x Cable Labels. 17 x Label Size 50 x 9mm & 17 x Label size 25 x 9mm.
SKU: LC001
R 30.70
34 Cable Labels consisting of 17 labels size 50 x 9mm to label the cable as well as
17 labels size 25 x 9mm for labelling the charger its self. The labels are colour-coded for easy identification.

Perfect for organising your electronic devices in the home and office.
  • The following devices are included in the set:
  • Laptop chargers (x 4) 
  • Phone chargers (x 4)
  • Tablet chargers (x 4)
  • GPS Chargers (x 2)
  • Portable Phone chargers (x 2)
  • Electric Shaver charger (1 x)
Sold in sheets


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