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Hygiene & Water Conservation



 The URIMAT MB-Active Cleaner with Kalkex has a microbiological action and is particularly suitable for maintenance cleaning and odour removal in heavily used sanitary facilities. The microbiological action of MB-Active Cleaner deeply penetrates the pores, breaking down the odorous organic residues deposited there. Its daily use prevents bad odours from developing & provides excellent hygiene.





  • Environmentally friendly,
  • 100% biodegradable,
  • Excellent dermatological rating,
  • Non-toxic,
  • PH-neutral,
  • Contains Kalkex for removal/prevention of lime scaling,
  • Multi-purpose cleaner.


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MB Active Cleaner 10 Liters concentrate

MB Active Cleaner 10 Liters concentrate. Makes up to 500 liters.
R 3 300,00

MB Active Cleaner 1000ml concentrate

MB Active Cleaner 1000ml concentrate. Makes up to 50 liters.
R 360,00